Video and Other Media

Meditation and Mindfulness Videos

Intro to Meditation from September 2016 retreat at White Sands Buddhist Center

Living Mindfully from Sept. 2016 Retreat

Guided Meditations

Mindfulness of Breathing

Cultivating Goodwill (Metta-Bhavana)

Compassion (Tonglen)

Universal Joy and Appreciation


The Brahma-Viharas

Dharma Talks

Dharma Talk by Zen Master Morris Sekiyo Sullivan, August 4, 2013, at White Sands Buddhist Center: Compassion.

Dharma Talk: Faith and Merit.

Dharma Talk: Practicing Meditation, from a January 2016 meditation retreat at White Sands Buddhist Center.

See also Buddhism Basics video series.

See also The Gate to Freedom video series

See also Sermons at UU churches and other talks


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