The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path

The Four Noble Truths

I. The truth of dukkha: The first noble truth is that afflictions and difficulties are facts of life.

II. The truth of the cause of dukkha: The second noble truth is that in response to such afflictions and difficulties, cravings and emotions arise

III. The truth of the transcendence of dukkha: The third noble truth is that such cravings and emotions can be wisely harnessed and directed.

IV. The truth of the path to the transcendence of dukka: The fourth noble truth is that harnessing the emotions that arise in response to life’s afflictions leads to enlightened living, the Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path

 1. Right View: To understand and realize the true nature of life.

 2. Right Intention: To direct our deepest aspirations toward charity, non-violence and selfless concern for others.

 3. Right Speech: To speak truthfully, kindly, and courteously to all.

 4. Right Conduct: To act in ways that are peaceful, benevolent, and do no harm to others.

 5. Right Livelihood: To earn one’s living in such a way as to entail no harmful consequences.

 6. Right Effort: To strive diligently to overcome anger, greed, and ignorance.

 7. Right Mindfulness: To remember and cherish the qualities of wisdom and compassion.

 8. Right Meditation: To concentrate on giving oneself fully to becoming “one” with the reality of life in all its forms in the eternal now.

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