Loving Heart, Peaceful Mind Resources

Loving Heart, Peaceful Mind Resources

This  meditation course is intended for both beginners to meditation and experienced practitioners who wish to add a few new tools to their spiritual toolboxes. The program includes recorded guided meditations (available on YouTube—links below) and written meditation instructions.

Loving Heart, Peaceful Mind Videos

Part One

Part Two

Part Two Q&A

Part Three: Naikan Introduced

Part Four: Buddhism and Rationality

Part Five: Cultivating Compassion

Part Five Q&A

Part Six: Mudita

Part Six Q&A

Part Seven: Equanimity

Part Eight: Putting it All Together

Part Eight Q&A


Course Materials

Workbook: Loving Heart, Peaceful Mind: LHPM e-book

Also available in print online from Amazon.com or from the publisher’s E-store: Loving Heart, Peaceful Mind

Other materials:

1. Naikan Exercises and Report Form

2. ABCs of Rational Buddhism Worksheet

Guided Meditations

I. First Meditation: Anapanasati

II. Second Meditation: Metta-Bhavana

III. Third Meditation: Tonglen

IV. Fourth Meditation: Mudita

V. Fifth Meditation: Equanimity

VI. Sixth Meditation: The Brahma-Viharas

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