Buddhism Basics

This is a nine-week series of talks on the basic principles and practices of Buddhism, which began on January 1, 2014 at our regular Wednesday night meetings at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of West Volusia.

Check back for additions and updates.

1. The Buddha and his Enlightenment: The Spiritual Search (video)

Follow-up Q&A period (video)

 2. Setting the Wheel in Motion: The First Seal of the Dharma (video)

3. The Path of Practice—Sila: Living Compassionately (video)

Follow-up Q&A period (video)

4. The Path of Practice—Samadhi: Training the Mind (video)

Follow-up Q&A period (video)

5. The Path of Practice—Pañña: Developing Wisdom (video)

6. The Second Seal: Impermanence (video)

7. The Third Seal: The (Not-)Self (video)

8. The “Heart” of Liberation: Emptiness (video)

9. Getting to the Pure Land: The Way of Oneness (February 26)

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