Brahmaviharas Workshop

Cultivating the Brahma-Viharas Meditation Workshop

The meditation workshop Volusia Buddhist Fellowship hosted over Labor Day Weekend 2011 was a big success, and hopefully one of many to come. The event was at Daytona Yoga and Wellness Center in Daytona Beach, and gave participants a chance to explore their relationships with other people, themselves and their world through the cultivation of the four Brahma-Viharas: lovingkindness; compassion; universal gratitude and equanimity.

Along with traditional contemplations  from Theravada Buddhism, the program incorporated Naikan, a Japanese practice using gratitude as a means of self-discovery, and Rational Buddhism, which uses methods derived from Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy to deepen one’s understanding of the Four Noble Truths.

The program was led by Sensei Morris Sekiyo Sullivan, dharma teacher for Volusia Buddhist Fellowship, a former Theravada Buddhist monk and Sensei with the Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism, a nonsectarian Buddhist organization that stresses the Way of Oneness path of practice.

Keep checking back here for future workshop dates. Also, the workshop can be duplicated elsewhere, of course, so let us know if you know of a retreat center or other place that that might be a good venue for the program.

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